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Box Mount Systems

     Sundog Deluxe Series, 12 volt

The Sundog solar deluxe series is one of the most economical and dependable floating pumps on the market.  This has the pumping capacity at low lift conditions of 40 gpm.  Mounted on a float that allows the pump to keep floating in the harshest of conditions.  This submersible one stage centrifugal pump drains back to the water source each time, making it ideal for use in frost situations.  Combined with Sundog's adjustable box mount system we have created a very versatile portable solar powered pumping system designed for trouble free service.

System Components:

Heavy duty hinged battery box with keyed lock

Module hail rated for 1" stones at 125 mph

Digital Control Box with 5 year warranty on regulator

Pump/float and 80' of pump cable

Float switch with 15' lead

Complete hardware package, pre-wired for plug and play

Waterproof disconnect at pump

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