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Solar Water Pumping, off grid, grid tie in, portable watering and aeration.  Looking after your Solar needs in Canada and the USA.

Solar Watering

Sundog Solar has been established since the year 2000, and was named after the weather elements around the sun called "Sundogs".  This weather phenomenon was referred to by Native Americans as a sure sign of a change in weather coming.

Here at Sundog, we refer to it as a change in energy.  We are dedicated to designing, installing and stocking renewable energy products in Canada.  Our company is ready to supply customers with everything from solar, wind, water pumping and RV and cabin systems to grid-tie developments.

Sundog has teamed up with many top end suppliers to provide our customers with up to date efficient technology.

Sundog solar has also developed the first fold-down portable solar and wind powered pumping unit that is capable of working in -51 degree fahrenheit tempretures.  We are very excited about this product and the capabilities it brings to cattle producers.

Red Deer County Solar / Wind powered Demo Unit 
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