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-65 gpm 24/7 = 93,600 gallons per day

-870 Watt 24V de-watering skid

-Propane Generator back up

-2 SDM40 Magnetic Drive Pumps



This solar direct SDM40 pump will act as your primary pump. 5 hours of run time per day at 32.5 gpm @ 14 ft. lift = 9750 gallons per day, which will maintain your average water load.



The secondary SDM40 pump will operate off of a battery bank to handle high water scenarios and extreme water conditions.  In these conditions water pumping to 32.5 gpm @ 14 ft = 19,500 gallons per day based on a ten hour run period.  With the combination of pump #1, this will bring your gallons per day up to 29,250.  This number will be your trouble free, 3 day autonomy skid unit.

If required with the flick of a switch, this entire system can be turned into a 24 hour, generator back up, dewatering system, capable of pumping 93,600 gallons per day.

In the very near future, we will be equipped with a pump that will be able to double the 93,600 gallons per day.


Solar de-watering skid built for an oveseas project by Sundog Solar

A 30 pump dewatering project finished for Innotech Alberta

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