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Geo Thermal Winter Tank

  for Winter Watering

The Geo Thermal tank option can be used as a stand alone tank or as an insert in your existing classic or drag n' drink trailer.  In the drag n' drink, you have the option of adding up to 8 drink tubes per system.

This insulated insert uses the earth's  geo-thermal heat to keep it working well all winter long.  The tank can water between 40-650 animals depending on the number of drink tubes placed.  Sundog's new one piece tube allows installation against the tank wall so calves do not have difficulty reaching the water.  The open water in the tube will freeze at -35 degrees.  Management will need to check for approximately 1" of ice at -40 degrees that the cows will not be able to push out.  It is easily removed by pushing down in the water.  The tube is tapered small to big to enhance this. This trough, as a stand alone comes with a steel powder coated base, d rings for moving the trough and a float switch guard. Buy with confidence as referrals can be supplied.

Geo Thermal Tank for winter watering

Demonstration of Sundog Solar's Geothermal tank, showing the free moving water after a 6 week period of no cattle drinking from it.  

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