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Healthy root systems

Ingredients for Success


By putting into practice the principles of good range management you can achieve a number of key conditions in riparain areas.




-rest and regrowth produce productive riparian plants


-energy stored in roots will sustain healthy riparian growth


-healthy plants build strong streambanks an shorelines


-healthy plants have deeper root systems, which can access depper water and withstand drounght better


-woody vegatation adds reinforcement





Enough Vegetation During High Water will help with:


-dissipate streams

-traps sediments and builds streambanks and shorelines

-builds ground reserves

-maintain stream channel shape








Protection During Vulnerable Stages:


-protects banks from trampling when fragile

-protect brush species during periods of dormancy

-maintain productive forage species

Good vegatation during high water events will help save soil
Vegetation will help maintain and protect banks from erosion

Excerpts from Caring for the Green Zone

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