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LVD  (Looks like LUD) on the charge controller stands for Low Voltage Disconnect.  This is a safety mechanism to shut the pump off when the battery voltage is low.  Your system will automatically charge up on its own, or you can override it for a short period of time by turning the system on and off.

Systems can also be boosted froma vehicle 12V to 12V.  If the system runs fine on the boost, your batteries are the problem.


Possible cause for LVD

-The size or number of batteries is too low for the system.  See sizing charts, do not go below the minimums.

-Old batteries in a new system will make for poor performance.  Your batteries are your fuel tank.

-Check the water levels in your batteries.  It should be slightly higher than the cells.  (Use only distilled water to top them off)

-If the water trough is overflowing, adjust the float switch down.  Make sure the tank plug is not leaking.

-Is the water hose placed in the trough to cause siphoning?  There should be a minimum 1" gap between the water level and the end of the hose.

-Do you have the correct size of hose?  Too small of hose will cause the pump to use more power to pump the required water?

-Is the estimated lift correct for the system.

-Have animals been allowed access to the float switch and chewed on wiring?

-Check all wiring

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