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Message: Talk about service after the sale, Sundog Solar is superb! I purchased my solar powered water pump system in 2012. After years of no problems with the system, I developed an issue with my pump and the timer. Mr. Marvin Jackson   was wonderful and so helpful. He, through phone conversations and text messages, explained to me how to         troubleshoot the system. The pump issue turned out to be a frayed wire directly coming out of the end pump , that   probably occurred when I removed the pump from the water collection tank to repair a leak in the bottom of the tank. I repaired that wire and the pump runs beautifully again. No money spent!!! No replacement needed!!! The timer, by        process of troubleshooting as recommended by Marvin, turned out to have a short that developed within the timer. To replace the timer is a very reasonable expense. In this day and age of "tail light" warranties, meaning as soon as the    company leaves your farm, they are done with you, it is great to deal with Mr. Jackson and his staff. Not once did Mr.    Jackson try to sell me anything. In fact it was just the opposite. He kept telling me it may be a very cheap repair, if it is    simply a bad wire or loose connection. And for my water pump, it was! This is a GREAT company.                                              Galen Smith Kingsport, Tn., USA






On Our Pumping Systems:

I wouldn't change them for the world.  They are very trouble free.  We have noticed such a difference in our cattle in the fall, that we wouldn't go back to watering out of dug outs again.

Brian Jackson, Rocky Mountain House Grazing Reserve


Portable Water Systems:

Excellent idea!  You have thought of everything.

Cam Taylor, Saskatchewan


We run a cow/calf operation at the Manitoba/Saskatchewan border and own two solar winter watering systems that Sundog Solar designed for us.  On one of the systems this year they changed out the pump at one site to one of their new pumps which we have found to pump even faster than the old pump.  Our Sundog pump performed efficiently even when the water level in the dugout was dropping in January and February.  We were watering 300 cows on the system at this site with a 36" waterbowl and the new Sundog pump provided a steady supply of water.  Having a consistent supply of water meant that there wasn't any pushing and shoving by cows at the solar winter watering system.

Naylen Land & Cattle Co. Kola, MB


A Question in my enviromental farm plan by Jane Charlotte, Koru Farm

Is it possible to have a fresh, clean, contained year round water source, powered by the sun for my cows?

I had other requirements:

I wanted it to work for a various number of cows/yearlings from 80 head to none, which means not freezing when it isn't being used.

Be independant of the farmstead water system.

Be accessible from three different points, which is filed, training pen and corral.

After alot of research, endless discussions and Marvin Jackson's persistence and patience, this is the set up that is currently running at Koru farms.

A well was drilled (approx. 170 ft.) The pump was powered by 4 solar panels and batteries was installed.  About 100 ft. from the well we sunk a 14 ft. plastic welded closed culvert with about four feet above the ground.  A pipe and the necessary wiring connected the well and the culvert in an eight foot trench.

A drinking bowl is attached by pipe and the pump which fits snugly into the open end of a culvert.  This pump is powered by a seperate solar panel and battery bank which is activated by a motion detector.  The water that enters the culvert from the well is controlled at 8 ft. by a float.  When an animal enters the drinking area, it activates the motion detector and the bowl fills.  When there is more demand for water (initiated when the culvert is low and the float comes up) a signal goes to the well pump to start pumping.  

Were there problems?  Of course!

And the motivating factor for me to write this was to highlight the success of a project in progress over a two year period.  As well, I wanted to share something that makes this farming experience more meaningful.  Marvin Jackson, with his company, Sundog solar never gave up addressing the issues, solving the problems, fixing, teaching and absorbing the cost of replacements whenever necessary or appropriate.  As we look for new ideas to make our operations more sustainable and progressive, the people we do business with are of paramount importance.  MY SALUTE TO MARVIN AND TO SUNDOG SOLAR!


Drag and Drink with Winter Insert:

Hey, I absolutely love your solar water system Marvin!!

Thanks, Gord Houston, Herschel, Saskatchewan

Winter Watering with Geo Thermal Tank

We purchased a solar system from Sundog Solar in November, 2017. I would like to say, "This is the BEST THING we have ever purchased!!! It is just shocking how those tubes can still be half open at -34 with a wind chill of -43.

Sincerely, Robert and Flora Katzer

Meadow Lake , SK

Great Customer Service

Mid January our solar stock waterer stopped for no apparent reason. We called the original company who installed the system and were shocked by their response, "We can't help you. Call the manufacturer in Texas." With Texas struggling to understand a Canadian winter solar stock waterer application, we knew we had to source someone local who marketed solar stock waterers and more importantly was willing to service their products. After some online searching we discovered Sundog Solar and gave Marvin Jackson a call to see if he could service our solar pump dilemma. Without a hint of hesitation, Marvin took on our problem as if it were his own, vowing, "We will win!' He took an analytical and practical approach to helping us solve the problem by methodically checking everything above ground and then working down the hole to the pump and all things solar and his organized manufacturing, maintenance and testing facility, we were up and running! Actually, Marvin got us running better than before as he discovered a few original installation and design problems which might have been the issues which may have precipitated to the complete failure of our system. Any power systems will have maintenance concerns so knowing you have someone to call upon and service those concerns is vital! If you are looking for, not only a quality solar installation, but also prompt, expert and friendly Sundog Solar! We can say this because there was no one else in Alberta willing to help us in mid January when our system failed.

THANKS Marvin and the Sundog Solar Team

John and Doris

Gull Lake AB

Sundog Drag n' Drink
Sundog Classic being used in winter watering
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