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              everyone lives in watershed!

"But I don't live on a creek."  

That doesn't mean that you don't live in a watershed and it doesn't mean you don't have to part to play in making your watershed a better place to live.  If you live in Benalto, Leslieville, Markerville, Eckville or another community in the Medicine River Watershed you have a part to play in making the land and water better. I you live on a smaller parcel of land as an acreage owner or have recreational property you are also part of the solution to improved watershed health.  If you live on a full time, part-time or hobby farm you are also a player in watershed improvement.

Watershed health includes managing your ground water well, surface water (dugout), septic system, fuel, fertilizer and pesticide storage, woodlots or shelterbelts, ground cover (erosion), invasive plants, livestock timing and density, manure storage and spreading, silage storage, lawn and garden chemicals and much more. Let's do our part!!

Maintained watershed area
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