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Winter Watering

- Anti-Vortex

-Geo-Thermal Insert



Working with Mother nature, this system is designed to water 1-500 animals in the winter without frost issues. Incorporating gravity, solar power and geo-thermal heat into the design allows for trouble free use.  All water is stored below the frost line in a wet well located net to a water source.  Sundog Solar has released a new SD Deluxe pump with more horse power, a larger intake and outlet.  This pump is powered by the sun to deliver in the harshest of wintering conditions.  Energy is stored in our heavy duty insulated and lockable battery box that is positioned beside the wet well.  A motion eye turns the pump on and off which replaces freezing issues that occur with float switches in the winter. Combined with Sundog's new Anti-Vortex bowl, the water slowly drains back down allowing for better filtration and no water bowl over spray.  

This system comes complete with our very popular digital control box that is pre-wired for plug and play installation.  Depending on the location and the herd size, a wind generator can be added as an option allowing for additional energy sources in extended stormyconditions.  All solar modules and components must be protected fom cattle to ensure longevity.

Motion Eye System

Click on this attachment to find a power point demonstration on how to build a wet well from your water source for the antivortex system.

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