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Now Stocking EcoSolar Fridges

This solar refrigerator is a 12.5 cu ft. (354 litres) made with stainless steel to provide a luxurious appearance and has ample room for food storage with no compromise to efficiency. Manufactured using the latest and most advanced Danfoss compressor in a European factory, it provides larger cooling refrigeration storage compared to the freezing compartment. The fridge is situated on top and the freezer on the bottom, and is ideal for both residential and business use world wide.

The power consumption is at a record low of 219 kWh/annum ( an average of 25 watts per hour) in the solar/Dc refrigeration appliances industry worldwide.

At the end of 2016, this model and the EEcosolar cool are the only solar refrigerators/DC fridges in the world to be approved for UL250 and CSA, to US and Candadian Standards. (the entire refrigerator is approved, not just the compressor)

To operate, this unit requires a mono/poly solar panel, 50 Ah, 12 Volt AGM, gel or lithium battery and a 15 amp 12/24V solar charge controller.

Easy to install.

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