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Solar Direct Aeration Package

Complete package, wired and ready to go, just drop in your pond and go!


250W Solar Module

Top of Pole Mount

12V DC compressor

Vented Compressor Box

Linear Current Booster

50 feet or weighted 3/8" hose

9" EPDM Flexible diffuser with base

Check Valve

Package is pre-wired and ready for plug and play installation

This is a very effective design with quality components and built in efficiency. The adjustable solar mount offers optimum production for every season giving you up to 40% more performance. The linear current booster will add 30% production to the system with a life expectancy of 15 years. The DC pump under normal operating conditions will need a new diaphram at two years and a full replacement around 4.5 years. Do not under estimate how many hours of production these compressors give you. At 10-12 feet of depth for a pond in central Alberta a compressor will run an average of 2300 hours per year. The 9" diffuser is the most effective diffuser on the market, giving you millions of tiny effective air bubbles that easily attach to water molecules for superior aeration.

Diffuser in action

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