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Keddies Tack and Western Wear Volume Sundog Solar Dealer for 2015

Serving the Grande Prairie area for almost 40 years.

With over 25,000 sq. feet of store space Keddie's Tack and Western Wear is by far one of Canada's finest stores serving the farming and ranching industry. Whether you are driving short or long distances you won't have to go any further than Keddie's. Keddie's stocks everything for the farm and ranch industry including:


*Western fashion and apparel

*Books and videos


*tack and saddlery

*Metal roofing and Siding

*On site salts and mineral manufacturing

*Solar water pumping systems

A bright and warm atmosphere fills the store, making it a comfortable and pleasant place to do your shopping.

"The one-stop shop for anyone on the farm, ranch or acreage."

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