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Waldron Ranch-Environmental Stewardship Award 2010

The Waldron grazing co-op in Southern Alberta was named Alberta's 2010 Environmental Stewardship Award Winner in 2010. The 70 members of the 54,000 acre Waldron pasture have worked closely on enviromentally focused projects with groups like Cows and Fish, Sustainable Resources Development, and the Alberta Conservation Association. They pride themselves on their innovative stewardship practices that focus on energy management, watering systems and minimizing air pollution, rangeland health and wildlife management.

Sundog Solar takes great honor in working with the Waldron Ranch, and in 2008 installed this portable solar water unit to be used in riperian areas around the many available pasture sources. This unit supplies water to 800 head of yearlings and is used on the ranch still today. The design of this trailer has now changed to a smaller linear feet tank only

because advancements in our pumps have allowed us to now pump much more water, requiring less storage in the tank area.

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